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Offshore gateways provide company incorporation services for firms looking to enlarge into new geographies offshore and low-tax jurisdictions around the world.


Offshore Company Registration can benefit business from safeguard assets with a low or no-tax offshore sovereignty with corporate laws that increase financial privacy for both individuals and corporations. offshore gateways has a team of experienced professionals including accountants, bankers and lawyers that assess emerging offshore destinations for company incorporation.
offshore company registration

Offshore Company Registration and Jurisdictions

With a dedicated list of offshore jurisdictions, you can incorporate your business offshore outside your country of residence. Offshore Gateway can assist with setting up your offshore company registration in the following jurisdictions:


  • Malta
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Belize
  • Seychelles
  • BVI (British Virgin Islands)
  • Curaçao
  • Cyprus
  • Isle of Man


Incorporating offshore companies in offshore financial centers and tax savings offers a wide range of benefits to companies.


  • Increase cross-border sales
  • Greater confidentiality with tax haven sovereignty
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Protection against lawsuits by strong local regulations
  • Ease of operation with simple statutory obligations
  • Privacy with no public disclosure requirements
  • Asset protection by providing a strong layer of protection from future liabilities
  • Legal protection by ensuring assets are held in the foreign company’s name.

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