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Offshore gateways are leading credit card and e-check processor for high-risk businesses. We have a whole bunch of acquiring partners connected with us through which we can get you approved instantly. We offer a tailored payment solution that will boost your business and increase revenue.

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01. Planning & Strategy

We understand your business and plan it accordingly with growth strategy in place.

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02. Client’s Satisfaction

If our customer is happy, we know we have delivered the project, thus satisying you.

custom tailored payment services

Custom & Tailored
Payment Solutions

Offshore Gateways offers tailored solutions with indestructible governance and independently scrutinize with its PCI-DSS level-1 compliance gateway, which allows us to meet the interests and security needs of all key stakeholders like acquiring banks, ISO, Agent, Resellers, Merchants, Card Issuers, Customers and Internet Payment Networks Worldwide.

Why Us?

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Manifold Verticals

Offshore gateway is a global payment processing company. We guide our merchants to secure high-risk merchant accounts and facilitate them with tailored online credit card processing solutions. As the internet is growing, we are proud to have our in-house underwriting team and risk management team with one of the best-acquiring partners connected with us. We also want to acknowledge our great relationships with international banking institutions to provide IBAN and SWIFT banking solutions.

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We Believe in Good Relation

We have an Indestructible Squad that believes in accomplishing an offshore gateway mission. We know your needs and always make the payment processing experience crystal clear, besides hassle-free for our customers. We know the importance of your time is, and we make sure that you are moving quickly towards your goal of building your business despite its nature(high-risk/low-risk). We have the best in customer service also, in which our team will attend to you whenever you need them, 24/7.

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Professional Assistance

You will be experiencing the professional consulting and troubleshooting on all online payment processing related issue. Our dedicated Business manager will be assisting you with your concern/query. We will always feel obliged to assist you in the process and answer your questions.

Start With Our Company And Have Healthy
Profits For Long Term

If you would like to use our services for credit card processing or crypto processing, even if you have been terminated by your processor, contact us today. Our team will assist you.

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Our approach combined with a high standard of innovative services allows us to find a fast, attractive and competitive solution for your business and a wide range of e-comm contents. We offer an API solution with 3D secure technology to ensure the online security.

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Over the years of experience in the high-risk market serving to high-risk merchants, Offshore Gateways become specialized in high-risk merchant accounts across the world. Having in our mind, for clients we are focused on the most efficient solutions.

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Offshore Gateways specifically focused on the e-commerce and m-commerce areas, offshore Gateways introduces an entirely new breed of acquiring — Smart Acquiring — to PSPs, ISOs and online merchants. Our solution offers the credit card processing with our International relationships.

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Offshore Gateways offers end-to-end acquiring and onboarding system to ensures that merchants are set up with maximum speed and efficiency, taking them from application to payment acceptance in just days!. We offer the faster payouts to our merchants.

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We work with various International processors & banks from USA/UK who provide settlement services for international merchants. We can approve any international merchant from the world except GAFI list of countries.

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Independent Business Owner (IBO or Signatory) relationships can add additional MIDs or even establish a U.S. LLC, Corp, and UK corp and bank account etc. Its the safest way and also the best when acquiring merchant accounts.

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Chargeback management is the process of recovering revenue lost to chargebacks and analyzing your chargeback data to prevent future chargebacks from occurring. Manage your chargebacks effectively to increase your revenue.

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Offshore Gateways help you to minimize the cost of payment processing, minimizing your monthly fee and maximizing the profit of your online business, no matter how small or large it is, We will help you.

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Our Core Values That Make Us Professional