Casino Payment Gateway for Curacao

2ds payment gateway for curacao

2Ds Payment Gateway for Curacao

The iGaming/casino industry is not just big, but it is still continuously growing. Yearly graphs show that the revenues are increasing massively. Curacao is at the top when it comes to getting an affordable casino license. Once you get the company established, a gaming license can be issued easily. Now you got all things that a gaming website needs, However, they still needed a 2ds payment gateway to accept and process online payments.

Mostly the transaction for gaming websites is initiated through credit card, it’s essential for the company to get a payment gateway service with 2ds credit card processing. One of the biggest challenges a company can face is that gaming/gambling businesses lie in high-risk industries due to the high number of chargebacks and local banks generally reject their application and tag them as a high-risk business.

Resolution for such a problem is with offshore gateways

If you are looking for a payment gateway service and tired up with lots of refusals, in that case, we can help you to secure dedicated and reliable payment gateways for curacao licensed casinos.

We will get you a reliable payment processing solution for your casino business, and one of our business experts will guide you in the process of getting approval through our high-risk-friendly credit card processors. Furthermore, with our extensive network of acquirer banks, the onboarding process is very easy to follow with few clicks need only.

OG offers a 2ds Payment Gateway for Curacao to the merchant looking for a payment solution in Curacao. We will help you to secure a dedicated merchant account with a secure and reliable partner within 48 to 72 hours only.

Few Advantages of using OG services

Easy API integration with free tech support provides.
Multiple payment gateways approval to choose from.
Multicurrency payment processing.
PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance for secure payment processing acquiring partners.
Online banking and crypto processing was added to provide.
Offshore payment gateway solution for global payment processing.
Technical support to assist merchants 24*7.

Best credit card processing Solutions

In the Curacao casino industry, 80% of transactions are made using credit cards through the 2ds payment gateway channel. 10% of the transactions are routed through open banking and 10% of the transactions are on local wallets and APMs. We can provide you with a dedicated mid-on-2ds channel for Credit card processing, that allows customers to make payments using credit cards. Plus, with it, you can target those customers who think cash is an old-school payment method and prefer using cards.