Tips for businesses to protect from online fraud?

At OFFSHORE GATEWAYS, we ask you to be attentive that it is essential for online businesses to have all necessary security measures in place, allowing them to approve, detect and block suspicious transactions which could have negative impacts on their business revenue.

The quarantine period imposed by governments around the world to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive increase in e-commerce businesses. The fear of infection and social distancing has triggered not only an increase in online shopping but also has increased in cybercrime that directly affects your businesses and the impact of cyber security on society is very high.

For awareness, we share the basic tips for online businesses to save themselves from any suspicious transactions or attempted scams:

  1. Keep your systems updated and follow the latest security protocols to decrease the impact of cybercrime. This may seem important and obvious; on the other hand, not updating the systems on which the site operates can increase the chances of fraud.
  2. To detect patterns of fraudulent activity, sites can develop their own system or opt for a fraud manager to ensure safety. Day by day, Online Frauds are becoming more sophisticated, and so require increasingly robust systems to combat them. They advise delegating this task to specialized companies which can offer complete business security, and peace of mind when operating the 3D secure protocol. This prevents fraud in online payments made with credit or debit cards by authenticating the identity of the buyer and confirming that he or she is the cardholder.

Offshore Payment Gateways has integrated Fraud Management Services to safeguard you from fraudulent transactions and give you peace of mind wherein your account has inbuilt cybersecurity features. In addition to supporting two-step authentication and the 3D Ver 2.0 Secure protocol, which allows the customer to simply set filters that can automatically block an operation and keep you safeguard from online fraudulent transactions.

why cyber security is important for modern-day society?

Cybersecurity is essential for all kinds of businesses, as you need to protect all categories of data from theft and damage. This includes sensitive data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal information, and industry information systems. Without a cybersecurity program, your business cannot protect itself against data breach campaigns, which makes it an appealing target for cybercriminals. Both inherent risk and residual risk are increasing, driven by global connectivity, usage of cloud services, and cross-border transactions

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